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"Voyages of Malolo" The Secret of the Rongo
Approximately 1000 years ago, over 500 year before Christopher Columbus was born, ancient Polynesians had managed to explore and populate over 20,000 islands in the vast Pacific ocean. For reasons of famine, religion, overpopulation, war or just the overwhelming human desire for exploration, these passionate and resourceful people set out on perlious voyages in wooden canoes to find new homes and better lives. 

One such story chronicles the epic adventure of a group of fourteen courageous
Polynesian mariners who set out on a spiritually inspired quest that results in their
circumnavigation of  the Pacific, an area nearly 1/3 of the total surface of the earth. 
This crew of skilled, handpicked sailors and craftsmen, set sail eastward in a
majestic double hulled, deep sea sailing canoe named "Malolo," 
(Flying Fish in Hawaiian). Their journey taking them eastward to the endless land
mass of South America, then northward guided by their myths and legends, and 
the visions and interpretations of those they meet along the way. 

Their heroic adventure subjects these dauntless mariners to untold dangers, 
wonders, discoveries, tragedies and triumphs, on virtually every leg of their nearly
17,000 mile voyage taking them over two years to complete.

Great care was taken during the writing of this book, to maintain historical 
accuracy, not only in terms documented natural disasters, but the customs, 
traditions, beliefs and technologies that existed at that time in history, among 
the Polynesians as well as the indiginous peoples of South, Central and the
west coast of North America. 

Because Polynesia had no written language before being visited by the 
european explorers in the late 1500s, oral traditions were the only method 
of perpetuating the great achievements of the ancestors.

"Voyages of Malolo" is but one story of how these incredible, unbelieveable, navigational accomplishmennts could have happened so long ago. Follow Auka'i and the men of Malolo on a journey to places unknown, for answers unknown, facing dangers unknown​, for a duation unknown to discover the huna (the secret) of the Rongo.

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